Who We Are

On the Jervis Bay Road, situated between a dell and a dam, is our rural alpaca farm: Glenbungle.

A grassroots, family enterprise, Glenbungle Farm is passionate about developing environmentally friendly and sustainable approaches to producing high quality alpacas, poultry and waterfowl. Our respect for nature enables us to provide an environment where all animals wander and graze together promoting health and happiness for all involved in the day to day management on the farm.

We are committed to breeding and raising exceptional animals with a gentle dispositions. You WILL fall in love with them and want to take them home. You have been warned 🙂

Alpacas are the animals of the future: light on the ground, regenerative grazing behaviour, low nutrients needs, amicable nature and herd protectors they offer much to the Australian environment. 

Plus they are adorable. And FLUFFY!! Did we mention fluffy???

Whilst at the farm you will the opportunity to the feed the chooks and ducks that form an integral part of our home.

Depending on the season, we also have young chicks and ducks that can be patted.

We raise award winning Australorps bantam and standards chooks, Cayuga and Indian runner ducks. Some animals may be for sale at different times.

Plus, there are Alpaca Afternoon Teas!